Natural Solutions

to Reduce Food Waste

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Our natural solutions are designed to improve the food safety and shelf life of fresh produce. By controlling human and plant pathogens, Save Foods allows growers, packers, and food retailers to reduce their waste and increase their revenues. More food ends up on plates and less ends up in landfills.

Food Concern

Reducing Food Waste While Keeping Quality and Safety

The world’s population is expected to grow to almost 10 billion people by 2050, boosting agricultural demand by some 50%. Providing healthy and safe food to feed the world’s population is one of the biggest challenges of the twenty first century. Globally, around 664 million tons of fresh fruits and vegetables are lost & wasted every year from field to fork. And almost 1 in 10 people fall ill every year from eating contaminated food costing us around $90 billion.

Also, food waste disposal required additional investment and harms the environment as it causes greenhouse gas emissions.

The responsible for fresh produce spoilage and foodborne illness? Fungi like mold and yeast as well as foodborne pathogens are responsible for fresh produce spoilage and foodborne illness.

Our Solution

Natural Protection From Field to Fork
An Eco-friendly Treatment to Reduce Food Waste

Our natural treatment protects fresh fruit and vegetables from microbial spoilage and foodborne pathogens that are responsible for decay and can cause foodborne illnesses. Our treatment leaves no harmful residues on the produce nor in the environment and maintains product freshness over time. Fresh produces treated with our products can already be found in different supermarket chains across the US and Europe where it was reported that Save Foods products are reducing by 50% on average the rotten fruit at the retail level. With no need for additional steps or special equipment, our products are easy to implement and come in versatile applications suitable to the different stakeholders along the supply chain.
Save Foods is the first green product that could really replace efficiently the different hazardous chemicals used today and address at the same time both food waste and food safety.


Our Technology – A Blend of Food Acids

Our Technology –
A Blend of Food Acids

Our products are based on a proprietary blend of food acids which have a synergistic effect when combined with certain types sanitizers and fungicides at low concentrations when used in a non-organic setting. The combination enables a non or reduced amount of fungicide residues below the set MRLs (Maximum Residue Levels). The fruit and vegetable wash is odorless and does not irritate the eyes, skin, and airways at the use dilution.

Save Foods blend does not leave any residues of toxicological concern on the treated produce surface and all its ingredients are recognized by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS). Save Foods technology is protected by 7 patent families with a total of 13 patents (5 issued, 1 allowed and 7 applications).


We are helping growers, packers, and food retailers to minimize waste, maximize supply chain efficiencies, increase their revenues, and enable to extend their market reach while delivering superior quality fruits and vegetables.

Our products were commercially validated on citrus fruits, mango, avocado, pears, bell pepper, microgreens and on various fresh cut vegetables and we are in the validation process for bananas, apples, figs, berries, lettuce, papaya and more.

We are also validating the efficacy of our products for pre-harvest treatment starting with citrus trees – more to come.











About Us

Save Foods Inc and its Israeli subsidiary Save Foods Ltd are innovative, dynamic companies dedicated to delivering integrated natural solutions for improved safety, freshness and quality, every step of the way from field to fork. Collaborating closely with growers, packers, food retailers and service providers around the globe, we develop new solutions and products extending the shelf life of fresh produce, ensuring its safety while reducing (and in some cases even eliminating) the use of the hazardous chemicals used today. Our products do not leave residues of toxicological concerns and when used with classical fungicides reduces their used concentration and their residues

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